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"Life is a canvas where thoughts and emotions are thrust into every shade and stroke."


Penciled in: 2018

If for once more I could walk by your side
Hear your girlish giggles as they calm the night.
to heed your warnings of events unknown
A passing of wisdom; memories I forever mourn.

Those things conjured to produce this work
For each tear released; a deeper shade under torque.
As my desire followed the age displayed in the frame
I dread that time would force me to forget your name.


Penciled in: 2018

I bid thee adieu, my furry little friend
You kept my hearrt still to the bitter end
I bury you with a love in ways no one would
For tonight, I dine uunder gray shrouded hood


Penciled in: 2011

Those eyes, oh how they brightened the sky
Their sparkle of marvel, I succumb to a sigh
My spirit was smitten like a curious kitten
Blind to the mistakes of one-sided words written

Clash of Culture

Penciled in: 2008

I know you, you're from another land
A place of oppression and desolate sands
Escaped from horrors we only dare to understand
Is this culture the choice you demand?

A Kind of Freedom

Penciled in: 2008

With this moment captured, I saw your heart
Those you cherished, it will all fall apart
Be the years kind, the greatest gift is the mind
Ater the arranged, you'll beckon for the rewind


Penciled in: 2008

With the knowledge of your final stroke
Unexpectedly, fear gripped me; it changed me
Rising from my seat, such a routinely carved feat
Beholding a reflection of he who I am destined to meet

In Range

Penciled in: 2006

Turn the page, see my swing;
Am I not beautifull; what do you bring?


Penciled in: 2006

A piece one could not finish
The luster to recreate diminished
The reality is polished; it be not real
Any re-enactment would only be a fail


Penciled in: 2005

Would you like to come out and play?
Not for long, I'm only here for the day...
Would you like to come out and play?
Just for a moment, then I'll go away...
Would you like to come out and play?
I know I don't belong, I promise not to stay...
Would you like to come out and play?
Aren't we blood, why treat me this way?


Penciled in: 2005

Still of youth, kept under roof
Tucked in the wool, hyperthermic proof
Alone in the cold, a desolate soul
Pack ravaged by acts of social trolls

The 1st Shell

Penciled in: 2005

To some, a decoration on a shelf
To others, a reflection of self
With its layers gradually built
Hardened only by secrets and skill


Penciled in: 2004

It's been quite awhile since I last arose
Been so long since you last held me close
Tucked me between those smooth finger tips
Glided me along an unnervering precipice
You showed me wonders, you showed me sights
With every stroke, I fluttered with delight.


Penciled in: 2004

Little girl lost, she can't find her way.
Sulking at the corner, do we feel abandoned today?
Where hath they gone; those I hold dear...
Was I bad girl, does anyone even care?


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