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"Every declaration of dismissal is an opportunity worth pursuing."


photo - Robin Gittens - Agile | Analysis | UX Strategy & Design | Content Management | Behavioral Driven Design | Analytics | Coach | eCommerce | Literary Writer

Robin A. Gittens, CSPO, CXD

A lifelong learner who is passionate about all things product and partnering with like-minded individuals who love creating user value through innovative yet empathy-driven experiences. I am dedicated to expanding my knowledge and adaptive techniques in areas which support my growth within product and experience thinking. This may include undertaking academic programs; reading books, articles, blogs, or social media posts related to product management, design thinking, user experience, digital marketing, content strategy, seo, data architecture, web design, analytics, and the agile methodology - all of which are sources of inspiration as my career-path and online presence continue to evolve.

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Toronto, ON, Canada


robin (at) emotionesque.ca


September, 1982




Autumn (Fall)



Food of Choice

Thai, Korean, Japanese, Italian

Drink (Martinis/ Cocktails)

Cosmopolitan, Chocolate

Breakfast Smoothie

Banana, Pineapple, Cranberry, Tumeric, Cinnamon, Ginger, Almond Butter, Almond Milk, Greek Yogurt

Destination (Thus Far)

Italy, Alaska

Art Movement

Impressionism, Realism


Classical, Jazz, Synthwave, Power Metal, Progressive Metal, Thrash Metal, NWOBHM, Hard Rock, JRock, Trance, Eurobeat, Blues, R & B, Reggae


Horror, Psychological Thriller, Fantasy, Science Fiction


The Walking Dead, Batman, X-Men, Transformers, Spawn


Robin's Character Traits

Skills: professional

  • Strategy: eCommerce, user centered design, mobile-first
  • Product roadmaps, feature prioritization, risk mitigation
  • User experience design: personas, customer journeys, info. architecture, interaction design, usability testing
  • Agile: Scrum & Kanban
  • Business analysis body of knowledge (BABOK)
  • Behavior-driven development (BDD)
  • Business process redesign: flowchart, DFD
  • Documentation: user story maps, use cases, user scenarios
  • Content management
  • Testing: User acceptance testing, usability testing
  • Digital analytics & qualitative analysis
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Web design & dev: html, css, javascript, php, sql
  • Database design: normalization, entity relationships & cardinality
  • Software: Axure RP, Visio, Office, JIRA, Google Drive, Zoom, Slack


Bachelor of Commerce (BSc.) in 'Information Technology Management'

Ryerson University, 2003-2007

Diploma in 'Management Studies'

Barbados Institute for Management and Productivity (BIMAP), 2002-2003

Associate Degree (Assoc.) in 'Computer Science'

Barbados Community College, 1999-2002


Design Thinking, User Research

Interaction Design Foundation, 2020-2021

Product Management

BrainStation, 2020

Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)

Scrum Alliance, 2019

Kanban Fundamentals

Bearded Eagle, 2019

User Experience Design (CXD)

Akendi UX Consulting Firm, 2019

Experience Mapping, Visual Design, Usability Testing

Akendi UX Consulting Firm, 2014–2015

Disciplined Agile Delivery

Scott Ambler & Associates, 2013

User Experience, Web Design & Development, and Digital Analytics

George Brown College, 2011–2018

experience (last 2008 - Now)

Product Owner & Scrum Master, 2016–Now

Scholastic Canada

  • Owned the Product Roadmap and sharing of feature priorities and KPIs, release schedules, backlog prioritization, feature development status, risk assessment, and agile scrum metrics. By becoming the information hub for digital innovation & delivery for the primary eCommerce experience, stakeholder confidence in achieving positive ROI with the yearly budget was increased.
  • Collaborated with the core agile team of: 3 back-end developers, 1 front-end developer, 1 web designer & WCAG auditor, 2 quality engineers, 1 content strategist, 1 data architect; internal dependent teams; and 3rd party companies, where I captured and shared the user architecture & interactions, stories, process models, and other supporting artifacts which supported the delivery of enhancements to: the users’ digital experience, data architecture within XML, API/JSON web services, order processing & fulfillment; and quick solutioning to diverse production challenges.
  • In the absence of a UX team, I acted as the advocate for user experience strategy and design across two (2) eCommerce domains thereby influencing a revenue growth of over $70M in the last three (3) years by guiding agile teams, customer service, marketing, data & analytics, operations, as well as, finance to employ strategies focused on discovering a balance of innovation between users and business with features to-be-delivered rather than emphasizing solely on technology implementation.
  • Using a hybrid of research techniques to acquire cross-channel user feedback, I led stakeholders through ideation sessions focused on: trend analysis and finding commonalities in that data. Within 2 months, out of 400+ challenges captured, I transformed 18% of isolated themes into MVP features-sets which by my hypothesis, would positively impact business KPIs. Additionally, I provided stakeholders with an easily accessible dashboard to expand their awareness of users’ behavior and encourage more fact-based decision making.

Business Analyst (contract), 2016

Ministry of Education, Community Services Cluster

  • o Supported the business goals of decreasing the time taken to respond to community concerns, and achieving at least a 5% increase in system performance by partnering with customer care to analyze and prioritize inbound user feedback reports delivered to the Employment Case Management system; and communicating data enhancement features to development teams.

Business Analyst, 2012–2015

LoyaltyOne (AIRMILES)

  • Partnered with 3 scrum teams to capture & communicate the necessary artifacts which supported the delivery of prioritized feature enhancements which impacted: users’ loyalty programs, content & data mapping for products, and defect fixes thereby ensuring a robust, consistent and secure digital experience for AIRMILES collectors, and business stakeholders.
  • Acted as the lead analyst in the optimization of API data flow of up to 80% of the user’s web interactions with products, and rewards issuance by implementing strategies to tag and capture data via IBM’s Coremetrics platform to be consumed by analysts within data warehouse and marketing stream to better isolate which product offers influenced greater user engagement and conversion.
  • Prioritized the development of a $500K feature allowing users to buy, sell or send their rewards as a gift after presenting a proposed interaction and customer journey to executives, which led to the successful delivery and release of the ‘buy’ MVP within a short period.

Creative Consultant (contract), 2011

National Angel Capital Organization

  • Designed the Delegate Package (program) for the 2011 National Angel Summit, with attendance by: angel Investors, sponsors, board members, investor panelists, and CEOs seeking funding for their start-up businesses.

Business Analyst (contract), 2012

Readges (Dukats)

  • By utilizing the Drupal content management system, I partnered with the business owner to implement digital strategies related to: communication its vision, SEO audits, and redesigning the entire web experience with the goal of increasing the level of user acquisition and awareness with of the organization’s online presence.

Business Analyst (contract), 2011

Novator eCommerce

  • As my 1st experience in Agile, I collaborated with a team consisting of: 1 product owner, a scrum master, a project manager, 2 back-end developers, 2 front-end developers, and 2 quality engineers to communicate and support the delivery feature enhancements to custom in-house eCommerce platform serving the business needs of American Express’s customer reward program.
  • Increased the level of assurance and validity with requirements by acting as the communicative bridge between the client. product owner, designers and developers while indebtedly learning to adapt my knowledge and skills to an agile-oriented environment.

User Experience (UX) Analyst (contract), 2011

D1 Mobile

  • By collaborating with the business owner, I introduced several data management practices which I hypothesized would increase the efficiency of data across their mobile products.
  • Aided with the prioritization and provided translation of 100% of their business needs - to their 1 full-stack developer - related to enhancing the digital experience of their mobile apps.

Business Analyst & Event Coordinator, 2008 - 2010

CEO Fusion

  • Increased awareness of their business and services by 25% among: Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, start-up CEOs, as well as, young entrepreneurs by: managing digital content and redesigning the web experience for the organization’s website via Drupal CMS; and communicating upcoming entrepreneurial events using various e-mail marketing.
  • Supported the professional development of CEOs of start-up companies, young entrepreneurs, and business students across Ontario by organizing and publishing several series of online educational content into a Learning Management System; and designing the architecture and experience with which those persons interacted.

career highlights

Scholastic Canada, 2016 - 2020

  • Successfully planned and managed the process of reseting and configuring all data needed to open the main online ecommerce experience for the 2019 - 2020 school year. This included: teacher & parent relationships, customer order history, product catalog import, site replication & presentation, and promotion/campaign configuration.
  • Implemented a corporate wide 'content management & auditing' process as part of the initiative to transform their main ecommerce experience into a bilingual site.
  • Faciliated a workshop focused on educating individuals on the importance of understanding users by means of developing Personas, as well as, Customer Journey maps to better understand user behavioral patterns across any given experience.

LoyaltyOne (AIRMILES), 2012 - 2015

  • Brought an estimated $1.5 million in cost-savings by redesigning the Password Reset process for AIRMILES Collectors.

CEO Fusion, 2008 - 2010

  • As an Event Manager, I planned & hosted several monthly events focused on the networking and knowledge growth of: CEOs of tech startups, young entrepeneurs, Angel Investors, and Venture Capitalists.
  • Designed my first website to present the data collected from event feedback, and online surveys; and promote upcoming events by teaching myself web design techniques and languages i.e. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL.

Xclusive Travel & Services Co. Ltd., 2003-2007

  • At 19 years old, designed and launched my first application and interactive experience to capture and manage data related to customers, hotels, and cruises for a startup travel agency.

career goals

  • To provide targeted users with a sensational and empathetic digital experience in accordance to my Product Roadmap.
  • To continually expand on the areas which support my growth as an Agile Product Manager.
  • To lead high-performing cross-functional teams towards continuous delivery of features which secure positive impact to product stakeholders.
  • To continually marry my creative and analytical techniques to support others through brainstorming/ideation sessions.
  • To continually expand my pencil technique to create more vivid portraits.
  • To continually learn from my favorite literary writers to improve my craft in poetry.


  • Diverse product portfolio followed by opportunities to apply my varied skillset to deliver value across many of them.
  • Leaders who are educated in product and can offer the level of advice/ direction which correlates with my career path.
  • Leaders who believe in the collected knowledge and experience of their teams to solve challenges autonomously.
  • Diverse cross-functional teams that believe in equality, knowledge sharing and continuous learning.
  • An environment where team members feel confident to share ideas/concerns; and that they will be heard.
  • An environment which places value on employee growth, work-life balance, continuous learning, open communication, mutual respect and honesty.


  • Lack of proactive action with known bottlenecks.
  • Poorly communicated business vision, and objectives.
  • Dismissal of valuable ideas from experienced team members.
  • Decision making based on assumption/personal preference rather than fact.
  • Lack of equality, kindess, honesty, empathy, and mutual respect in the workplace.

Technology highlights


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