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"Embracing the endless wonders which the universe continually provides.."

Goals & Objectives

As a lifelong learner and devout follower of product & experience thinking, my primary purpose is to partner with small-to-medium sized businesses:

  • Understand your vision and business goals.
  • Understand your product; its estimated user value; and go-to-market strategy.
  • Truly identify the diverse needs and behavioral patterns of your targeted users.
  • Identify opportunities across your product’s life cycle where greater user value can be achieved.
  • Collaborate with your high-performing teams to design and deliver an empathy-driven experience for those users who interact with your product.

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Value I Provide

With the plethora of knowledge and skills amassed throughout tenure in the digital ecosystem, here are selects areas in which I can be of value to your product stakeholders and high-performance teams:

Product Roadmap

Create a ‘Product Roadmap’ that suits your business culture and goals, and highlights your MVP & feature analysis, MoSCoW analysis, persona metrics, key performance indicators, a customizable prioritization scorecard, the innovation sweet spot, risk mitigation, team development status, high level release schedules, and the confidence of feature delivery View a sample of my work.

Business Analysis

Apply the appropriate techniques which suit your culture; and allow me to easily capture and document various levels of requirements i.e. business, functional, content, analytics etc.

Business Process Redesign

Apply the appropriate techniques and known tools to design and monitor ‘should-be’ process models which seek to remove areas of inefficiency (bottlenecks) impacting: communication between teams, content management, data mapping and management, product defect escalation etc.


Collaborate with your design teams to review any qualitative data collected from user surveys, interviews, contextual inquiries, diary studies etc. and devise the right amount of user personas to communicate/ share with product stakeholders where we highlight users’ demographics; lifestyle and personality traits; their goals/motivations for using your product; their points-of-frustration when interacting with the current experience and other key pieces which allow your teams to establish a more ‘empathetic’ connection with said users. View my Persona (Profile).

Information Architecture

Review any qualitative data collected from user surveys, interviews, contextual inquiries, diary studies etc. and apply iterations of thematic analysis to identify content which connects with the intent of your user’s i.e.navigation, internal search, search refinements etc. View samples of my work.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Collaborate with your marketing and analytics teams to identify areas in your experience and/or content which require the level of optimization needed to bolster your presence and ranking within known search engines.

Accessibility Planning

Collaborate with WCAG subject matter experts to identify and optimize any code and/or content which are yet to reach compliance with Level A, AA, or AAA Accessibility standards and as such, prevent known devices from allowing users with disabilities to enjoy the same level of product interaction as those without.

Interaction Design

Design wireframes and/or iterative prototypes based on feedback from either; qualitative data captured from user research, early-stage testing, pre/post launch usability testing; quantitative data captured from web analytics; or even business requirements from product stakeholders. View samples of my work.

Usability Testing

Collaborate with design teams to devise usability test plans; moderation of participants during actual usability test sessions; or even analysis of the data captured from those sessions. View a sample of my work.


Partner with your agile scrum teams to continually support their ongoing adherence to the agile principles and values; and ensure the appropriate scrum ceremonies are followed within each sprint-cycle. Additionally, as part of the team’s sprint reviews, we’ll continually review various levels of sprint and team metrics with the goal of deepening their level of excellence throughout future sprints. View a sample of my work.

Agile UX

In addition to your team’s preferred agile process, I’ll continually encourage them to employ experience thinking to every initiative/ feature shared with the hope that they become more empathetic towards the different needs and intent of your users. View a sample of my work.

User Story Mapping

Instill a level of excellence when creating, sharing, and managing all user stories - and the parent epics to which they are assigned - across all prioritized features so they can be properly traced and maintained for your agile teams.

Behavioral Driven Design

In addition to applying this technique while writing acceptance criteria for my user stories, I will deeply collaborate with quality engineers to establish this practice when documenting their test cases and ensure Gherkin review sessions are held within each sprint for the team’s review.

User Acceptance Testing

Depending on your environment and/or practices, establish a partnership with quality engineers to implement a formal UAT process so that selected stakeholders from your business units can test any planned pre-launch functionality of any features impacting internal systems/ applications.

Release Planning

In accordance to your ‘Product Roadmap,’ I’ll take ownership of establishing a baseline release schedule which befits your business goals, user needs, agile values and team availability. View a sample of my work.

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Of Principle

Absolute Authenticity

Throughout my daily life, I continually practice; loving kindness, honesty, compassion, respect and pride. With a sense of discipline, I carry these ideals into any situation or environment into which I’m immersed, and search for communities of like-minded individuals who believe in the same.

If you do not believe in or instill these same ideals in your business practice/ culture then peace be onto you! Forming a partnership may not be in our best interests.

As long as there is a desire, the universe will continually bestow upon me, a sea of endless opportunities which are in alignment with my career path and person.

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Looking to partner with your team to learn more about your users, and identify areas of opportunity to deliver empathy-driven experiences.

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